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back to school

The start of term is approaching fast and that can only mean one thing – back-to-school anxiety for parents.

While six weeks with our children is more than sufficient for most mums and dads, the impending shopping list and subsequent bill that comes with carting the kiddiewinks back to school strikes fear into many of us.

It is suggested that the average family spends around £200 each August on uniform and supplies – an amount of money that can be difficult to find.

Thankfully there are still bargains to be had – and to prove it, we set the Purchase Tramadol Online Uk a mission: To get all they needed for ‘back to school’ with £100.

We decided what we deemed ‘essentials’ and came up with this final list:

Polo shirts x 3

Jumpers x 2


Trousers x 2

Skirt and tights

School bag

PE bag



PE polo shirts

PE shorts


Lunch box

Water bottle

Pencil case


All that for £100? It can’t be done we hear you cry, but the Bristol Post team proved it can, and best of all they did it in less than two hours in Broadmead and Tramadol 50Mg To Buy.

The Bristol Post take on the Back to School challenge

“First on the agenda was a bag. This is a key purchase for little ones, given it is one of the very few ‘personal’ touches they can add to their uniform.

“We picked up a Pacman bag at Order 180 Tramadol Overnight for £10. Cheaper bags were available (the Buy Cheap Tramadol Online With Mastercard even had a half price sale on Disney character bags which came in at £5) but a tenner was a safe bet to find the right design and character. This particular Pacman bag was a great size for a seven-year-old and it had a cool 3D design.

“There was a great selection of drawstring bags in The Luggage Centre, upstairs in The Galleries, with a green Gola one costing £3.99.

“Here we also found a complete set of lunch bag, box and water bottle – all with the adorable Finding Dory on it – for £6.99.

Just Pills Order Tramadol Online was the place to go for stationery and a pencil case. With plenty of half price and multi-buy deals, there was a good selection of bargains. In the end we went for a clear zip-top pencil case at £1.79 (there was a giant version for an extra 20p) and the Lexi stationery collection in a pouch for £5.99. The latter contained a pencil, a giant twirly rubber that looked like a Flump, a sharpener and ruler.

“Pep & Co in Tramadol Order Online Tramadol 50G came to the rescue when it was time for the clothes shopping. The retailer boasts polo shirts for £1, jumpers at £2 and fleeces at £3.50.

“Trousers came in at £3 a pair, while skirts were £2.50. Packs of tights were also £2.50.

“For PE polo shirts, the Poundland partner offers a pack of two for £2.50 and they come with a 101 days guarantee.

“For a coat we ventured to Generic Tramadol Online where a black shower resistant lined jacket with hood came in at £16. A slightly pricier alternative (at £4 extra) came with luminescent green shoulders and a thicker body.

“We went to Tramadol Purchase Fedex for…you guessed it…shoes, where you could pick up two pairs for £20 on certain styles and daps were two pairs for £5. In the end we chose slip-ons with leather uppers at £14.99. As for PE trainers we bought all black lace-up canvas sneakers for £7.99.

“That only left PE shorts to buy. Cheapest Tramadol Cod came through on that front offering a pack of two pairs for £7.

“Now for the maths…”

Back to School shopping list

Polo shirts x 3 – £3

Jumpers x 2 – £4

Fleece – £3.50

Trousers x 2 – £6

Skirt and tights – £5

School bag – £10

PE bag – £3.99

Shoes – £14.99

Trainers – £7.99

PE polo shirts – £2.50

PE shorts – £7

Coat – £16

Lunch box and water bottle – £6.99

Pencil case – £1.74

Stationery – £5.99

Grand total: £98.69

“And there you have it – it can be done.”