The BARBI app

On Friday 12 February 2021 BARBI Bristol – The British Association of Restaurants, Bars & Independents will be launching a new delivery app for independent Bristol establishments.


This app has been built by Bristol, for Bristol, to help save Bristol’s independent hospitality and food & drink venues by reducing the high commissions of the big global delivery apps as well as increasing the low wages paid to the delivery riders & drivers.

They say: “We will cut in half the commission rate for venues and we will pay the drivers more on their base rate. This will stop the strangle hold that these other companies have on industry.”

The BARBI App will not only be for delivery, it will also feature click & collect as well as table ordering functions. After its launch, the app will be developed further to include table booking and event ticket sales, with other features like offers and local news following soon after, making it the one app people in Bristol will need to support their favourite independent venues.

Supporting local independent venues

We need to support our local independent venues more than ever at the moment. With more than 30,000 people in Bristol employed in over 1,800 establishments, as well as the many other sectors that are within the night-time economy from taxi drivers to farmers and suppliers, we need to do everything we can to keep these jobs sustainable and roofs over people’s heads and their families fed.

By using the BARBI App you will help venues to keep going and keep people employed. The money you spend through the BARBI App will also stay within the local Bristol economy. So buy local, buy independent!

Bristol Shopping Quarter’s popular pizzeria Taste of Napoli will be one of the first venues to use the app.

BARBI Bristol

BARBI Bristol – British Association of Restaurants, Bars & Independents was set up in 2016 and has been helping Bristol’s Hospitality Industry since. There are over 400 venues are signed up to the association with 10,000 employees within the group.

Previously BARBIE – The Bristol Association of Restaurants, Bars & Independent Establishments, they have changed their name to BARBI and the British Association as they have been approached by a number of other cities to expand out and help their independent hospitality industries, with Bath coming first as soon as they can.

Download the app

To help keep Bristol’s vibrant food & drink scene alive, keep people in jobs and keep venues open download the BARBI App on Friday 12 February.

Use the links below or visit the website at


Photo: BARBI team – Andy Dodd, Brendan Murphy, Adam Brittain, by Jess Connett