Blacks remove plastic bags from stores


Blacks on The Horsefair is one of hundreds of Blacks and Millets stores around the country that have replaced plastic bags with 100% recyclable paper carriers.

Retailers Blacks and Millets remove millions of plastic bags from stores nationwide in sustainability commitment

Leading outdoors retailers, Blacks and Millets have introduced 100% recyclable paper carrier bags across stores nationwide in a bid to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The businesses have removed 1 million plastic bags from circulation across Blacks and Millets’ 150 stores and are collectively recycling them in a sustainable way to reduce the impact on the environment.

The initiative comes at a time when the businesses are expanding their UK presence, despite the challenging retail climate for high street stores.

Lee Bagnall, CEO of Blacks Outdoor Retail, says:

“As a business we are hugely passionate about the great outdoors and are 100% committed to becoming a more sustainable retailer that protects our environment now and in the long-term. We recognise that there is more to be done in the coming months, but we are thrilled to have taken the first step with the roll-out of our paper bag initiative across stores nationwide. We are pleased to have received positive feedback from shoppers who are embracing the change.’’

The bags are made from sustainable materials which can simply be recycled in domestic paper bins.