Bristol chosen as ideal location for first UK Dedoles shop

The colourful brand Dedoles has landed in the UK and selected Broadmead in Bristol Shopping Quarter as the location for their very first retail shop here.

The kiosk between Specsavers and Game has been transformed into a vibrant and very inviting display of fun and comfortable odd socks and underwear. Through their giant dancing hamsters grabbing the attention of shoppers the shop has seen an immediate success in sales.

Dedoles was established in 2011 as an online retailer in Slovakia. In 2018, after expanding into online retail sales in six countries, they introduced their own range of 30 designs of Dedoles odd socks. Since then they successfully expanded to online sales in 20 countries around Europe as well as opening their first retail store in Bratislava in 2019.

Their success continued to grow. Dedoles now offers hundreds of designs in footwear, underwear and swimwear and have opened 14 kiosks and shops in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Asked why Bristol was the ideal location to introduce Dedoles to the UK, Jaro Chrapko (founder and CEO) said; “Bristol has a vibrant, energetic, artistic feel to it. Bristolians are true individuals and happy to express themselves. We like that in the city because we have that same spirit in our company and products. The fact that we offer two different, yet matching, socks as odd sock pair will be something that Bristol understands and likes.”

Alfred van Pelt (Managing Director UK) adds to that; “apart from that Bristol is a thriving, economically growing city. It has a great catchment area, attracts huge amounts of day visitors and has a really good employment climate. We are really proud to have become a part of this city.”

Dedoles are already planning opening further kiosks and stores in the UK, aiming to have a total of six open before autumn this year with the potential to open between 60 to 100 over the coming years.