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What makes Bristol Shopping Quarter such a vibrant place? We think it’s the people who shop, work and socialise here. Read some of their stories, captured by local photographer Colin Moody, and see what you think.

The one thing for sure is, they all love Bristol and so do we!

PureGym – Francis and Melissa

Bristol Shopping Quarter

Francis is a regular at PureGym on Union Street. He’s pictured here with manager Melissa.

“I’m self-employed and sometimes you will find me performing in Broadmead, showing off my skills. My brother lives in Bristol so I came here too as it’s so friendly. I come to PureGym and they are very generous and kind. They make you feel at home right away. Since I joined they have shown me such kindness and freedom; this helps me and my friends to upgrade our skills. Now, let me show you my superman…”

Bristol Shopping Quarter



Mabz, who runs an independent key-cutting and shoe repair shop in The Arcade, is well-known as one of Bristol Shopping Quarter’s biggest characters. He sees The Arcade’s retailers as family… and family is everything.

BSQ People


“At first this place was a bit run down. The Arcade was a mess. Then we, the family, came in. It’s about The Arcade first and then it’s about the shop. We provide services and we care. I’m here seven days a week. I work hard but that’s what it’s all about. I believe everyone can be great. Everyone knows me, Mabz, come say hi – let’s do this!”

Bristol Shopping Quarter

Sobey’s Vintage – Hannah and Ruby

Opposite Mabz’s shop you’ll find Sobey’s Vintage where Hannah and Ruby work.

Bristol shopping quarter

Hannah says: “Our products are sustainable. It’s such a great idea and the way in which we give a second life to old, damaged clothes attracts customers.

“There is a community feel here. The man Mabz, on the other side of The Arcade, fixed my hoover for me, just like that. That’s what it’s like in The Arcade… such a great place.”

Café Casa – Mustapha

Café Casa on the St James Barton roundabout is one of Bristol’s oldest coffee shops, established in 2001 when owner Mustapha took over the former Flipper fish and chip shop. He turned it into an English-style cafe, something he thought was missing from the area.

Bristol Shopping Quarter

“Look out of the window and you see the whole world go by”, he says.

“We are very friendly and we offer such a wide choice – our Cottage Pie is very popular.”

Mustapha introduces Colin to some of his regulars, greeting everybody individually and making sure they have a good table. “The body language says it all” says Colin.

Bristol Shopping Quarter

Bristol Shopping Quarter

TK Maxx

Now located on Merchant Street, TK Maxx first opened in The Galleries a quarter of a century ago; it was the company’s first ever European store. Karen has been with the company all that time and her colleagues had a surprise for her on the anniversary in March.

Bristol Shopping Quarter

Her manager Sadie says: “Karen was here before they opened on the first day. She’s been with the company longer than anyone.”

Colin captures the moment perfectly: “Karen said very little when I saw her, she was speechless but her colleagues were very proud of her. They were all gathered around and it was hard to see how to share her story in one shot until I asked her to release the 25th balloon onto the ceiling… just look at the faces of her colleagues. This is a team thing. No question.”


Wed2B – Jade

Jade is a relatively new member of the team at  Wed2B, which is located on the first (middle) floor of The Galleries.

Bristol Shopping Quarter

Colin asks her what makes working in this store special: “Mums.” she says, “You get someone ready and then out walks the daughter all dressed up and mum cries. Mums always cry when they see their daughters in ‘the’ dress.”

The Post Office in WHSmith – Matthew and Sue

The Post Office has recently moved from the second (top) floor of The Galleries to a new space within WHSmith on the ground floor.

Bristol Shopping Quarter

When Colin goes in, Sue is visiting from Oxford to help with the transition. She looks on while Colin chats to Matthew:

“Everything is brand new and the staff are too. Customers are being tolerant and patient to let us help them properly.

“When I’m not working here, you’ll find me as a customer in HMV mostly… staying in Broadmead for the day.”

Slater Menswear – Mark and Valrita

“This is Valrita. She’s been here since we opened three years ago” says Mark, manager at Slater Menswear on Union Street.

The pair are exchanging some banter when Colin visits the store…

Bristol Shopping Quarter

“We get each other’s sense of humour” says Valrita.

Bristol Shopping Quarter

Mark and his team pride themselves on giving every customer a personal shopping experience.

“No two days are the same here.” says Mark, “Everyone who comes in has their own style and no one judges anyone.

“Oh, and by the way, sometimes you might hear the ‘Are you being served?’ theme tune come on over the store speakers and a certain section of the customers get it and smile… classic.”

Café Amore – Goodarz

Since opening his cafe on Nelson Street 28 years ago, Goodarz has covered almost every inch of the walls with his personal collection of enamel advertising signs.

Bristol Shopping Quarter

“The dream was to have a chain.” he says. “It didn’t materialise but I’ve always enjoyed this type of trade – a coffee shop with some extras, like food, all home-made here.

“All my ingredients come from local people. I always look for independent businesses to supply me – it’s the indies that need support. People put their heart and soul into it; I love that.

“Work for me is 18 or 19 hours a day… that’s normal. It’s not just business though, if I could help anyone, I’d do anything.”

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For now, we’ll let Goodarz have the last word…

“I love Bristol… it’s the best city. The people are very, very loyal and supportive. You could say Bristol is a little island in itself – welcoming everyone and very open-minded.”