Creative Youth Network: exhibitions at The Station

Creative Youth Network

Creative Youth Network works with young people aged 11 – 25 to support and enable them to unlock their potential, regardless of their background. One way that the organisation does this is by supporting talented young artists to create new work and share their stories, expression and voices.

Launching at The Station is a new season of exhibitions which will take over the ground floor gallery space between August and December 2019.

“With the space and the expertise we have, we’re able to support emerging young artists from across the city to make and show new work. We’ve held exhibitions at The Station since it opened in 2012, but this is the first season of exhibitions that we’ve curated and turned into a programme. This is really important for us, as it’s about providing young people from all backgrounds equal opportunities and experiences. Whether it’s to exhibit their work for the first time or to be an audience member in a gallery which is in a youth club – we want to provide access to the arts and culture for all.” Emily Bull, Creative Producer.

Dead Head

Creative Youth Network

Beginning the season of exhibitions is a month long show by young artist, Emily Dunlop. In her solo show, DEAD HEAD, Emily explores the impacts humans have on nature.

9-31 August.

Public, Hearing

Opening on the 5th September is a group exhibition of sound and tech artists, led by UWE student, Esther Hesketh entitled ‘Public, Hearing’, where artists and their work will create a spatial sculptural piece using a variety of sound art.

Hear Lies Disagreement

Creative Youth Network

In October, Leeza Awojobi exhibits ‘Hear Lies Disagreement’, an exhibition exploring the notion of how we verbally engage with each other in an increasingly polarized culture.

Computational Realities

Creative Youth Network

Opening on the 7th November, is digital installation artist, Sarah Selby’s exhibition ‘Computational Realities’, which merges our digital and physical worlds to explore how they overlap, contradict and impact one another.

Hair Histories

Creative Youth Network

The final exhibition within this season of work, is ‘Hair Histories’ by n, taking place in December and opening on the 5th, with a series of illustrations giving an insight into how different cultures across the world wear and style their hair, what value it holds and uncovers the beauty in difference.

Further information

This season of work celebrates and shares the work of five talented young emerging female artists from the city of Bristol.

“Working with Creative Youth Network has been invaluable to me. They’ve supported me as a young artist and helped me develop new skills and start up my career in the sector. My exhibition, DEAD HEAD, is a celebration of my work to date, and I’m really please that I’ve been asked to exhibit it at The Station.” Emily Dunlop, artist exhibiting ‘DEAD HEAD’.

Exhibitions at The Station run for a month, are open to all and are free. Opening times are Monday – Friday, 10am – 10pm and Saturday’s, 11am – 5pm.