Everyman launches giveaway condom campaign in bid to fight STDs


UK barbershop chain Everyman Barbers has launched a giveaway condom campaign in a bid to help tackle a rise in sexually transmitted diseases.


Something for the weekend?

Everyman Barbers, which boasts stores in eight locations throughout the UK including Penn Street in Bristol Shopping Quarter, put an order in for thousands of condoms which will be available to customers for free.

Director, Noel Gilronan, said that his business is perfectly positioned to promote positive sexual health through its “Something for the weekend” campaign and that the convenience will appeal to his customers.

“Thousands of customers a month visit our stores for a haircut,” says Gilronan. “A massive proportion of our customers are young professionals and students so our stores are great places to give out free condoms.

“A rise in STDs is a problem we often read about in the press, well this is us doing something practical about it,

“Young people love convenience and we really believe we can make an impact,”

The stats

According to data by Public Health England, STDs in the UK are on the rise. In 2018, there were 447,694 new STD diagnoses, a 5% increase on the previous year.

“It’s a fun campaign with a serious message but one that can ultimately have a real world impact,” Gilronan adds.

The campaign title, which is embossed on the condom packaging, is a play on an old British barbers tradition. Back in the day, barbers would ask a client: “something for the weekend, sir?” as a discreet way to ask if the client wanted a condom.

Large bowls stuffed with condoms will adorn the counter of each Everyman Barbers store.