Favelina Fashion Walk at Cabot Circus

With fashion estimated to be the second most environmentally damaging sector after the fossil fuel industry, the time is ripe to bring together Brazilian based Garota Hacker with Bristol young fashion designers Re_Wurk to show what’s possible when we upcycle the clothes that already exist. This launch showcases the outcomes when young people come together and collaborate across cultures to reimagine fashion as a social enterprise.

Launching at Cabot Circus on Friday 6 December in an event entitled ‘Favelina Fashion Walk’, clothes will be modelled by their young designers, with items available to purchase throughout the day.

Garota Hacker and Re_Wurk

Garota Hacker is co-created and led predominantly by non-white women from underprivileged backgrounds in Brazil’s third largest favela. Set up as a sustainable fashion project originally co-designed by the BME-led and LGBTQ members of the community in the favela.

Garota Hacker have been working in collaboration with Re_Wurk, a newly launched fashion design group in Bristol that brings together young designers from marginalised and diverse backgrounds to create and inspire changing in the fashion industry. Re_Wurk is supported by Creative Youth Network.

The two groups have been collaborating at The Station in Bristol on the line being launched at Favelina Fashion Walk.

“Being involved in this project has allowed me to consider my designs and how they impact on the environment. I’m really pleased with the designs and the garments we’ve made and so inspired by the international exchange of work that we’ve created with designers from Belo Horizonte.” Lucy Davis, 18 years old, designer from Bristol based Re_Wurk

Favelina Fashion Walk – the details

Favelina Fashion Walk is taking place on the 6 December in Cabot Circus. With stalls open throughout the day selling garments made and catwalk fashion shows taking place at 12.30pm and 6.30pm. The 6.30pm event will begin with a sharing of work made by young people from Creative Youth Network’s Creative Courses, made with the theme of ‘sustainability’.