In Between Time Wilderness

A person doing a headstand, we can only their legs. The brown dress their are wearing is pooling around them and it looks like a tree.

IBT WILDNESS – 17-18 JUNE 2022

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”

― John Muir

In June, In Between Time invites you to plunge into forests and conjure wilderness in urban spaces.

IBT WILDNESS is a brand new In Between Time programme. Through public artworks, forest diving, workshops and community gatherings, they invite you to ignite the wildness that exists in each of us.

Over one weekend, IBT WILDNESS will re-discover the connection between humans and nature. Alongside international artists and the people of our city, they invite you into the forest, literally and metaphorically.

See you in the woods.


Friday 17 June – 3.30pm

Saturday 18 June – 12pm and 2pm


Duration: 30 mins


Join Clarice Lima and the WOODS team alongside a large troupe of incredible Bristolians as they take our relationship with the climate and literally turn things upside down. A temporary forest with a cast of extraordinary Bristolians is created in the heart of Bristol’s urban landscape. Legs will rise, skirts will fall, hearts will beat faster.

WOODS blurs the lines between live performance, visual arts and fashion design, creating a biodiverse landscape amidst the city’s concrete and glass. Here the strength and instability of the body reflect a forest’s power and fragility.

This project has been generously supported by Perform Europe. There is still time to be part of this unique opportunity and become a tree-performer alongside the WOODS team. Find out more.

Slow Mo by Instant Dissidence

Meet Outside Tesco Broadmead
Duration: 30 mins (multiple times available)


Instant Dissidence’s SlowMo has gone on an epic journey to reach us here in Bristol.  Across land and sea through Sweden, Denmark and France they have taken the slow path towards us, at their journey’s end, collecting stories of those they meet on the way. For this performance in Bristol’s streets these stories have been transformed into choreographic postcards, to make the world become a smaller and far more connected place.

In the face of climate emergency, SlowMo offers us a way to create connections across barriers and borders whilst cherishing our planet.

Join them as they deliver dances as gifts on Bristol’s streets.

This project has been generously supported by Perform Europe.

Tickets available HERE