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Bristol Shopmobility

Registered charity Purchase Tramadol Online Ukprovides daily or long term hire of scooters and wheelchairs. Based in the Cabot Circus car park (ground floor), their aim is to make Bristol Shopping Quarter accessible for all.

How Shopmobility works

Anyone with an impairment making access to Bristol Shopping Quarter’s shops difficult can use the service. It doesn’t matter whether that impairment is permanent or temporary.

The fleet includes manual and powered electric wheelchairs plus mobility scooters suitable for anyone up to 39 stones in weight. Also available are foldable scooters that fit into a car boot. Hire is by the hour between 10am and 4.30pm Monday to Saturday.

The service is available on bank holidays but not Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Easter Sunday. The hire charge is £1.50 per hour with a maximum daily charge of £5 for wheelchairs and £7 for scooters.

For people wishing to use a wheelchair or mobility scooter overnight, on holiday, or while recovering from an operation, longer term hire is available. The charge for this service is £5/£7 per day with a fully refundable deposit paid at the start of the hire period.

Users are advised to book by phone, to ensure a suitable vehicle is available. But manager Diana and volunteers Jo and Kayleigh will always try to help anyone who just drops in.

Vehicles can be delivered to homes within a 15 mile radius although there is an additional charge for this and advance booking is essential. The team are also able to meet clients at the bus station or in Union Street.

There is a simple registration form plus a short assessment and training session for first-time users.

Clients must be aged 16 or over to use the powered equipment.

If you would like further information please telephone 01179 559083.

Car Parking

Users of the Bristol Shopmobility service enjoy up to five hours free parking in the Cabot Circus car park when they hire equipment.

Refill Bristol

Bristol Shopmobility is a refill station for Refill Bristol and will happily refill your reusable water bottle from their tap free of charge. Click Tramadol 50Mg To Buy to find out more.