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Cafe Amore

“Every time we go, we choose something different to eat and we haven’t been disappointed yet. The service is always amazing and friendly, almost family like. There’s always been a great atmosphere with a mixture of history and nostalgia on every wall.”

This is just one of many excellent Trip Advisor reviews for Cafe Amore, which opened in Broadmead’s Nelson Street almost 20 years ago.

Goodarz and his team open Cafe Amore seven days a week, all year round, only closing on Christmas and Easter Sunday.

They are there from 7am until 6.30pm Monday to Saturday and from midday until 4pm on Sundays, keeping those who work in Bristol Shopping Quarter fed and watered as well as those who have shopped until they’ve dropped.

There’s plenty to choose from, including toasties and scrambled eggs early in the morning and one of the widest ranges of sandwiches in the city – 35 or so different fillings, served on granary or white bread or in baguettes. Prices start at £1.20 to take away or £1.50 to eat in. Goodarz says that brie, bacon & cranberry is a popular filling and that prawn, beef, and ham sandwiches all sell well too. Vegetarian options include cheese salad and egg mayonnaise. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that it was made fresh that day.

For those looking for something hot, the choices include jacket potatoes, paninis, and homemade pasta dishes such as lasagne. There’s also a fantastic salad bar.

Still hungry? That’s good, because the choice of desserts is something else that draws people back to Cafe Amore time and time again.

There are homemade cheesecakes, mousses, cakes and gateaux as well as around 20 varieties of flapjack, with some gluten free options available.

If you feel like you should be a little less indulgent there’s also plenty of fruit on offer, including individual apples and bananas as well as prepared melon and fruit salad.

A full range of hot drinks is served but there are also some delicious chilled drinks, including Fentemans Curiosity Cola and Mandarin and Seville Orange Jigger.

Visitors to the Local Christmas Market, which takes place in Broadmead each December, will be pleased to see Hullabaloos 100% pure fresh lemonade, a very popular recent addition to Cafe Amore’s menu.

Spread over two floors, Cafe Amore seats around 130 people and there’s plenty to look at while you enjoy your food and drinks as the walls are packed with fascinating enamel advertising signs, a collection of more than 100 objects that Goodarz has taken the last 25 years to put together, visiting antique shops and auctions on the rare occasions when he’s not hard at work! They create a real talking point and are loved by old and young alike.