Letters from Lola, Danni and John have started to appear around the city. All three have very different experiences of homelessness, but their message is the same, you can turn your life around. The key is to get help as soon as possible.

To read their stories, click HERE.

Are you, a friend, or family member currently homeless or at risk of homelessness? Visit Bristol City Council’s homelessness pages at bristol.gov.uk/homeless to find out how to get support from the council and the Caring Handbook for practical advice if you’re experiencing homelessness or hardship.

Want to help someone who is currently homeless or at risk of homelessness? If you’re worried about someone who’s rough
sleeping, you can make a report to Streetlink, a charity that connects homeless people to local services.

Donating just £17 to Safer off the Streets (#SOSBristol) will provide a bed for the night for a homeless person.

You can also donate £3 to homelessness prevention and support services via TAP for Bristol’s donation points around the city.

None of Bristol’s night shelters can stay open without dedicated volunteers. If you could give up a night each week or month to support a homelessness shelter, please contact these charities:

There are two contactless donation points in Broadmead, one by Tesco Metro and one near Broadmead, that help fund Bristol’s night shelters via the Safer Off The Streets campaign.