Jungle Mania

Jungle Mania

1 October, 2021

Jungle Mania in The Galleries are looking for a Duty Manager to join their team.

40 Hours a week, one day at the weekend.

Must have relevant team leadership experience and enjoy working with families!

Reports To: General Manager & Assistant Manager

Job Overview

Duty Manager responsibilities include overseeing daily operations, ensuring employee productivity, being positive and uplifting to the rest of the team. You will also meet regularly with upper management to stay up-to-date with organisational changes, issues and improvements.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Opening and closing the centre
  • Communicating the rules of the centre to customers and staff
  • Maintaining a safe environment during busy periods in absence of higher management
  • Taking and receiving payments on entry in an effective manner and politely
  • Being aware of safeguarding procedures and enforcing these measures
  • Answering enquiries regarding parties referring bookings to upper management
  • Engaging with customers positively and asking for reviews
  • Directing staff in absence of higher management especially end of day, toddler sweeps, clearing tables when manager is in office
  • Maintaining a professional approach at all times to the position and the general public

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