Gaming Arenas

gaming arenas

Belong By Game

You’ll find the Belong Bristol gaming arena in Merchant Street, alongside Game.

It’s a cutting-edge gaming arena where competition rules, rivalries are born and names are taken. The chance to play hard, test the latest tech and join other like-minded gamers across multiple platforms including PC, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and VR. It’s an opportunity to catch up and challenge pals in person, not over a headset, because gaming together is altogether better. It’s time to BELONG and try out the latest technology.

Grab 2 hours play for only £8!  You can even host your birthday party or corporate event here.

Terms and conditions apply, ask staff for details.

BELONG Bristol is an autism friendly gaming arena – for further information click HERE


You’ll find ImmotionVR in Cabot Circus.

VR Star UK is a dynamic, fast moving company that is developing end to end user experiences in the VR environment. Committed to customer service and high-quality content.

They say: “Visit our Bristol experience centre for a bespoke thrill ride across multiple cutting-edge VR simulators. Looked after by our handpicked and experienced guides dedicated to maximising your enjoyment.”

For those visiting ImmotionVR the prices are £5 for a walk in Quickplay, £20 per half hour of arcade time and £30 per hour. They look forward to helping people find their favourite experiences from a growing range of games and experiences. This is the perfect place for a birthday, stag, hen or work do.

VRX Gaming

Experience a new reality at VRX Gaming in The Galleries,  an independent VR Entertainment Centre  featuring the UK’s premium VR equipment.

Virtuix Omni VR Treadmills

The Omni lets you walk or run, and with wireless VR and 360° movement,  you are totally immersed in the action.

Solo or multi-player, go it alone or battle against a friend.

£7/£12 = 15/30 MINS

Min / Max height: 4ft 5” / 6ft 5”

Driving Sims

State of the art driving simulators used by professional drivers and performance car companies. They can produce up to 2G of force and react instantly to your driving.

£9/£15 = 15/30 MINS

Recommended age: 14+
Max weight: 120kg / 18st.

Click HERE for further information and to book now.