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museum detectives at the new room

The New Room in Bristol is the oldest Methodist Chapel in the world (originally built in 1739) and the cradle of the early Methodist movement.

It was built and used by John Wesley and the early Methodists as a meeting and preaching place and the centre for helping and educating the needy members of the community.

The chapel itself is on the ground floor. On the top floor of the building, above the chapel, are the Preachers’ Rooms. This is where a brand new interactive museum is located, telling the story of John and Charles Wesley and their life and work in Bristol.

The New Room is open from Monday to Saturday 10.30am to 4pm all year round. Entry to the chapel is free although charges apply for museum entry. Donations towards the work of the chapel are always welcome.

There’s a lovely Tramadol Online Overnight Credit Card selling homemade cakes, hot and cold lunches, afternoon tea and Fairtrade drinks at reasonable prices, and a shop, which stocks a range of items relating to John & Charles Wesley, the New Room and Methodism. The cafe is open from 9.30am to 4pm.

Address: 36 The Horsefair, Bristol, BS1 3JE

Telephone: 0117 9264740

E-mail: Tramadol Sale Online

New Room Museum Admission Prices

Adult – £6
Senior (over 65) – £5
Student/Unemployed/Disabled – £4
Child (5-16) – £3
Child (under 5) – Free
Carer of disabled visitor – Free

Family ticket;
1 adult and all children – £9
2 adults and all children – £14

All Gift Aid entries or New Room newsletter sign-ups entitle named visitor to unlimited return visits for one year from date of ticket issue

No flash photography is permitted in the Museum.

Please visit Tramadol Order Cod or their Online Prescriptions Tramadol for more information.