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Keep Art it

Keep Art It offers a unique mix of live events, media production, artist support and community engagement. To truly engage people, they must be co-creators, co makers and feel that the creativity is for them.

Keep Art It supports an astounding array of creative disciplines from fine artists to hip-hop musicians. This open and inclusive approach leads to exciting opportunities for collaboration within new creative hubs. This isn’t just making art, this is making life!

Their Services:

  • Amplifying Creativity

They manage and support creatives to bring new life to public spaces and communities.

With a wide ranging group of artists, they can accommodate any space and situation.

  • Inspiring Ideas

They believe that art is great at bringing people together in unique dialogue to learn and grow.

  • Selling Artwork

Selling emerging and established contemporary artists who have something to say.

  • Creating Media

Video content creation such as documentaries, ads, interviews, tutorials and everything in between.

  • Arranging Murals

With their large network of amazingly talented artists, they can find a suitable artist for any situation and any budget.

  • Engaging Community
They work with the local community both directly and via established organisations to create a more wholistic and healthy society.
They are located on the Galleries’ ground floor.




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