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national slimming clinics

National Slimming Clinics

National Slimming Clinics have 28 clinics across the UK, offering medically supervised slimming and a variety of cosmetic treatments.

From your first visit you will be appointed your own personal doctor who will discuss your weight concerns and design a personalised weight loss programme to suit your lifestyle. During the slimming programme you will meet your doctor on a weekly basis for consultations, weigh-ins, examinations and constant support. They believe that this approach is the most effective and produces the best results.

They ensure complete confidentiality together with excellent patient service and follow-up care at all times. National Slimming and Cosmetic Clinics offer a comprehensive range of advanced, non-surgical cosmetic treatments to reduce the signs of ageing for women and men. At their clinic in Bristol you can benefit from some of the most advanced technology available today.




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28 Bond St, Bristol BS1 3LX, UK

0800 917 9334

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