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Want to find out more about O2 products or plans? O2 Gurus are on hand at O2 in Broadmead to show you all the best deals. They can also teach you how to be smarter with your smartphone, with tips on everything from taking portraits to downloading apps that’ll make your life easier.

Plans can change – luckily, O2 plans can too. Have you heard about their custom plans? They give you total flexibility by putting you in control. Set your contract length from just three months to three years. Choose how much you pay upfront for your phone. And whatever your appetite for data, you can flex your allowance up or down every month.

And there are even more perks to being an O2 customer. Priority Tickets allows you to buy tickets for thousands of gigs at venues up and down the country, 48 hours before they go on general sale. Plus, there are offers on everything from yoga classes, to holidays, to online fashion.


O2 allow you to sell your old phone (from any network) through their O2 Recycle scheme. You can also recycle tablets, MP3s, Kindles and wearables through the scheme.

Simply visit o2recycle.co.uk and follow the simple instructions.

  1. Tell them which device you have, including make and model, and get a quote.
  2. They will send you a free postage pack or you can print a label to send yourself.
  3. Once they receive your phone, they will check it over and confirm the quote. You’ll get paid the same day by your chosen payment method.



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