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VRX Gaming

VRX Gaming

Experience a new reality at VRX Gaming in The Galleries,  an independent VR Entertainment Centre  featuring the UK’s premium VR equipment.

Virtuix Omni VR Treadmills

The Omni lets you walk or run, and with wireless VR and 360° movement,  you are totally immersed in the action.

Solo or multi-player, go it alone or battle against a friend.

£7/£12 = 15/30 MINS

Min / Max height: 4ft 5” / 6ft 5”

Driving Sims

State of the art driving simulators used by professional drivers and performance car companies. They can produce up to 2G of force and react instantly to your driving.

£9/£15 = 15/30 MINS

Recommended age: 14+
Max weight: 120kg / 18st.

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Find us
The Mall Galleries, The Galleries Shopping Centre, Bristol BS1 3XA, UK

0117 376 3122

Opening hours

Monday: 12 - 7pm

Tuesday: 12 - 7pm

Wednesday: 12 - 7pm

Thursday: 12 - 7pm

Friday: 12 - 7pm

Saturday: 12 - 7pm

Sunday: 12 - 5pm

Shopping area

The Galleries

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