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With their vegan range growing massively (40% of their menu is now vegan across sushi, salads, hot food, desserts & drinks) they are off to a happy and healthy new year at itsu in Broadmead, and, just in time for Veganuary, they launched two new products at the beginning of January.

Winter wonton & greens (seasonal pot soup)

Two steamed veg gyoza, fibre rich brown rice, seasonal greens, kombu seaweed in miso soup

£3.99 – available 4 January to 5 March 2019

Losing your vegan’ity (bento of the month)

Beechwood smoked protein rich organic tofu steak, pickled red cabbage, red ginger, steamed broccoli, teriyaki sauce & optional sesame dressing

£5.49 – available 4th January to 5th February 2019

For information about the health benefits of a plant-based diet, have a look at itsu’s Order 180 Tramadol Overnight featuring some of their favourite colourful veggies.