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Banks Bristol Shopping Quarter

Whether you're looking for your nearest branch or wanted to open a new account, we have you covered. View your nearest branches using our Bristol bank trail!

Health & Beauty in Bristol Shopping Quarter

This trail will show you all the fantastic and diverse health and beauty shops within the Bristol Shopping Quarter. Whether you want to get your nails done, try acupuncture or even get a new tattoo, you'll be sure to find the perfect place using this trail!

Indie Food & Drink

You will find around 100 independent retailers, cafes and restaurants in Bristol Shopping Quarter. This trail will show you all the amazing independent food & drink places. Whether you want a three course meal, cake and coffee or a new cocktail spot; you'll be sure to find a great new place to eat and drink!

Make do and Mend

It’s great to buy new clothes and shoes, but often the things we throw away haven’t always reached the end of their useful life. We spend £1,800 on average each year on clothes (recyclenow.com). There are lots of ways we can make the most of this money by checking our wardrobes and making a list before we go shopping, choosing clothing designed to last longer and buying second hand (check out shops like Beyond Retro in Broadmead and Sobey’s Vintage Clothing in The Arcade as well as the British Heart Foundation, St Peter’s Hospice, Shaw Trust and Tenovus charity shops). It’s not just clothes and shoes you can repair, we’ve included places to get your cameras, computers and phones repaired too.

Recycling in Bristol Shopping Quarter

We should all be making an effort to recycle, especially our textiles – an estimated one billion items of clothing are sent to landfill every year, and the vast majority of them could be re-purposed and put to good use. There are several stores that will recycle your clothes for free and some will even reward you with vouchers or loyalty points when you donate! In Bristol Shopping Quarter, you can also recycle your shoes, your glasses, even your used light bulbs! And don’t forget you can donate good-condition items to the charity shops in Broadmead – British Heart Foundation, Shaw Trust, St Peter’s Hospice, and Tenovus.

Reusable Face Coverings

Use this trail to find where to buy reusable face coverings in Bristol Shopping Quarter.

Student Discounts Trail

Use this Trail to find exclusive student discounts. Please present a valid student ID card, including photograph & expiry date, to claim.

Water Refill Points

Find out all the spots in Bristol Shopping Quarter where you can refill your water bottle for free. Refill not only makes refilling a reusable water bottle easy, but it saves you money too. Through the campaign we aim to stop millions of single-use plastic bottles at source each year, preventing plastic pollution from entering our rivers and sea.