December specials at Pizza1889


Every month Pizza1889 in Broadmead changes its specials to keep the menu fresh and exciting.

Specials are a great way for the chefs to create new flavours and mix new and different toppings with the more traditional offerings.

Pizza1889  always have a vegetarian and a meat special. The additional special is often somewhat unusual. At first glance it sounds like something you may not expect – but rest assured – the flavours always work well together.  Slightly unfamiliar combinations with a perfectly balanced taste.

With Christmas coming in a few weeks it’s time to introduce all the hearty and warming taste sensations that remind us of the festive season. Rosemary is a lovely addition   – which has been added on to Special Number 1.

Special Number 3 is the showstopper and perfect for meat lovers.  Wood-fired smoked suckling pig complemented with marinade balsamic onions –  sounds just too good not to try.

The December specials