Mother’s Day at Lush

Mother's Day event at Lush

Say it with flowers and butterflies this Mother’s Day when you choose your gifts from Lush in Broadmead.

The 2019 Lush Mother’s Day range is full of great gift ideas for the mums and mother figures in your life.

Personalised Bath Bombs

You can tell your loved one how you feel by removing the scroll and writing a message in one these personalised bath bombs! They’ll discover your note as they take a well-deserved soak…

mother's day at Lush

Choose from chamomile, iris, jasmine, and marigold.

£5.95 each.

The collection also includes these fabulous bath bombs, priced from £4.50 – £7.95 each.

mother's day at lush

Bubble badges, shower bombs, shower scrubs, massage bars and soap

Among our favourites in the collection are the GrlPwer bubble badge, Strawberry Hill shower bomb, Mamma Mia shower scrub, Honey Bear massage bar, and the Raspberry Milkshake soap. Each priced from £2.75 – £10.95.

mother's day at lush


Gift set or knot wrap?

Lush have put together seven different gift sets for you to choose from, ranging from the Thanks gift at £13.95 to the Happy Mother’s Day gift at £4.95.

mother's day at lush

mother's day at lush


Still not sure what to get the mother figure in your life? Why not create your own gift using one of the five limited edition Mother’s Day Knot Wraps.

Knot Wraps are simply a piece of ornately decorated fabric that replaces the need for disposable wrapping paper or even a carrier bag! Inspired by furoshiki, an ancient Japanese tradition that uses techniques similar to origami, you can wrap almost anything regardless of its shape or size.

Simply pick out out one or more Mother’s Day products that you like and then simply choose a Knot Wrap in store. The Mother’s Day range features five beautiful Knot Wraps made from either organic cotton or recycled PET plastic.

The Butterfly Effect print is our favourite.

mother's day at lush

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