New drinking water fountains

water fountain

Three new drinking water fountains have been unveiled in Broadmead today, Friday 30 August, so shoppers can refill on the go for free.

Water Fountain

The fountains have been installed by Bristol Water to fight against plastic waste, in partnership with Bristol Shopping Quarter and Bristol City Council.

Plastic zombies

The water company took to the streets dressed as plastic zombies to vilify plastic to surprised shoppers while the fountains were given the red carpet treatment, even manned by a pretend waiter handing out free reusable bottles.

water fountain

Ben Newby, Bristol Water’s Chief Customer Officer, said: “It might be a little premature for Halloween, but our plastic zombies carry an important message for us all.

“Bottled plastic drinks might seem convenient, but they haunt the planet for a very long time, outliving us by around ten times over before decomposing. The idea of our plastic zombies is to share the message that plastic is basically immortal, but we can fight it together.

“Prevent plastic zombies and refill at our new Broadmead fountains instead. You’ll save money, it’s the heathiest thing you can drink and you’ll do your bit for the planet, too.”


The Broadmead fountains are located in three different places across Broadmead in high footfall areas, including one near M&S, another by the Podium and finally one near the Gateway Sail opposite Primark.

water fountain

Reducing plastic bottle waste

Bristol Water will save fifty miles worth of plastic bottle waste this year, through its water fountains which are dotted across the city and the Bristol Water Bar, which goes on tour around local festivals to prevent waste.

water fountain


The fountains will be kept clean by Bristol Waste, who will clean the fountains daily.