Next asks ‘What do you owe your mum?’

children realise what mum did for them

This guest blog by Next asks ‘what do you owe your mum?’

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, a recent survey (commissioned by Next) has sought to find out exactly what we owe our mums and just how much mums give their children – in a thousand different ways, and even after the ‘kids’ have left home!

What do you owe your mum for the most? Whether it’s borrowing her clothes, receiving her wise words or learning about make-up from her, match it with the most appropriate gift this Mother’s Day.

what do you owe mum for?

Three hours a week of watching from the sidelines

Mums in the South West spend 3 hours 19 minutes a week as spectators while their kids take part in sports and hobbies – long enough, though still slightly below the national average of 3 hours 58 minutes!

Over the course of a childhood (from ages four-16), the average UK mum spends a total of 112 days cheering from the sidelines – on top of school plays, concerts, assemblies and parents’ evenings.

The perfect thank you: if this is something you know you owe your mum for, why not give her some time back? A spa day, lunch and shopping, or even a watch are great ways to recognise this dedication.

what do you owe mum for

A sense of pride

Mums love to share proud moments of their kids on social media, especially in the South West – West Country mums post about their kids’ proud moment an average of six times a month.

The kids don’t seem to mind too much though – they still give their mums 15 cuddles a week, more than two a day. While your parents’ boasting can be a little embarrassing at the time, this kind of pride is really important – it shows us that we can be proud of ourselves, too.

The perfect thank you: a personalised gift signed from her son or daughter can be a wonderful gesture to a mum, showing her that her love and care is truly appreciated.

what do you owe mum for

Not much ‘Me Time’ for mums

We all appreciate the importance of a little ‘me’ time, but few mums feel like they actually get much. It’s easy to let self-care take the backseat – but, as a mum, you just accept it.

Mums in the South West get an average of just 43 minutes a day to themselves – hardly surprising when 78% of UK mums get less than an hour to themselves daily.

The perfect thank you: if an hour is all a mum can get, perhaps it should be as relaxing and therapeutic as possible. We’re thinking a soothing hot bath with aromatic candles and sumptuous bubbles.

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