Next: interior trends to look out for in 2021

2020 changed our relationship with our homes, with many of us adapting our space to become offices, schools and gyms. Many of us also turned to DIY projects and gave our homes much-needed spruce-ups. In a bid to figure out what some of the UK’s most popular décor themes and trends were during lockdown, Next have analysed Google search data for hundreds of décor queries and looked at how these have changed over the last four years. They also spoke to design experts Nicola Burt and Susie Gibson on what trends will emerge in 2021.

If you’ve been thinking about revamping your home but have yet to take the plunge, we’ve put together some of the top interior trends for 2021 inspired by Next, one of our resident retailers here at Cabot Circus. Keep reading to discover all the home inspiration you need so you’re ready to hit the Cabot Circus Next store once lockdown eases!

Trend 1: biophilia


Given that we spent more time indoors in 2020, it is no surprise that we searched for ways to bring the outside in. Google searches for “indoor plant pots” grew by +173% between March and October, whilst “indoor hanging baskets” climbed in searches by 50%. Interior designer Nicola Burt believes that lockdown has made us realise how much we appreciate nature:

“During the pandemic people wanted to feel close to nature and many don’t have access to a garden, so they brought plants into their homes instead. […] Plants are not only good to look at and bring life to a space, but many indoor plants have health-giving properties; detoxifying the air so we can sleep better, for example.”

The benefits of biophilia range from reducing stress to increasing productivity – something that is extremely useful in our current lifestyle. Nicola believes biophilic design will continue to increase in popularity in 2021:

“Biophilic design gained more awareness during the pandemic, when everyone’s desire for outside space increased, and the realisation that nature makes us feel good and is beneficial to our health both physically and mentally. […] Along with the upsurge in biophilic design, the colour green has also increased in popularity. Just looking at something green can help to decrease your heart rate and alleviate stress.”

Trend 2: modern country

As our plans of weekends away and country escapes were put on hold in 2020, many of us opted to capture that country feel within our own home décor. Through studying Google searches between March and October last year, Next discovered that “French country décor” saw the biggest increase in searches (by 515%) followed by “country cottage décor” and “modern farmhouse”.

Design manager for Next Home Susie Gibson predicts that modern country will continue to rise in popularity: “Modern country is a pared back country style inspired by British boutique hotels. Next’s Charlbury or Gosford sofas reference classical details and form with a pared back feel. The Gloucester lighting range is smart and stylish, perfect for an upgraded elegant country style.”

In keeping with the country theme, rustic-related queries soared in popularity throughout 2020. The most popular queries centred around “rustic desks” (+260%) and “rustic living rooms” (+90%). To achieve the rural feel, take a look at Next’s range of rustic furnishings, available to click and collect at Cabot Circus once lockdown has eased. Design expert Nicola Burt is a big fan of the rustic look’s versatility:

“A relaxed rustic look with dark, dull metals would suit an industrial urban space, whereas a more ‘cottagecore’ country look may work better in a rural or period property. […] This look requires layers – whether that is pattern, texture or colour – to make it look cosy and inviting.”

Trend 3: cocooning furniture

It’s hard to understate the importance of sanctuary during these tumultuous times, so many of us have invested in décor to make ourselves feel as cosy and calm as possible. Cocooning furniture is a style that allows us to shut ourselves away from the world and snuggle into a squishy chair or comfortable sofa – and it’s set to be big for 2021.

Nicola mentions that this style of furniture allows for flexibility within a particular room layout:

“Homeowners want deeply comfortable seating – a sofa to lie down on, as well as being large enough for everyone to sit on together. Curved sofa shapes often feel cosier than angular designs, allowing more flexibility with the layout of the room.”

When choosing materials for your cocooning furniture, go for softer fabrics like velvet or linen in deep and rich colours for that extra calming feel.

“Sofa trends feature rounded curves and geometric patterns, as well as 1920s-inspired occasional chairs with scalloped backs in rich tones of emerald green, royal blue, paprika or deep burgundy […] There is a desire for ultra-comfy low-level loungers, in fabrics such as velvet, bouclé, and soft, natural lines.”

Take a look at Next’s Home Sanctuary edit for more cosy furnishings, and if you’re feeling inspired, explore Next’s full range of home furnishings to tap into this year’s home decor trends. Shop online or click and collect from the Cabot Circus store!