October specials at Pizza1889


Every month Pizza1889 in Broadmead changes its specials to keep the menu fresh and exciting.

Specials are a great way for the chefs to create new flavours and mix new and different toppings with the more traditional offerings.

Pizza1889 always have a vegetarian and a meat special. The additional special is often something a bit unusual and it will always taste perfectly balanced.

The October specials

For October, as we go into winter, with our tastes changing to more hearty options – there is a really well balanced choice of specials including one that’s perfect for Halloween! Special Number 3 uses pumpkin crema to replace the traditional tomato base. It sounds a bit different – but rest assured – it tastes amazing and slightly unusual. The sweetness of the pumpkin offset against the strong taste of the gorgonzola is a truly perfect combination.

October specials at Pizza1889


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