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Best Source For Tramadol Online in Broadmead holds a 1/2 price sale, 1/2 an hour before closing every day.

The story behind the itsu half price sale

On one of his trips to Japan, itsu founder Julian Metcalfe encountered something truly inspiring. Upon his return, he described what he had experienced and came to make it an integral part of itsu…

“The most beautiful food I’ve ever seen in my life is prepared and sold in the department stores of Japan. Hundreds of skilled people prepare thousands of boxes… always fresh, always delicious, always beautiful, each day. Salads, sushi, vegetables, main courses, puddings… everything. Half an hour before closing there is always a half price sale. It’s crazy… but exciting.”

It was (and is) uplifting for many reasons and is now a part of the daily practice for each and every one of itsu’s shops. The efforts, skill and passion of the team members are not wasted. Almost nothing goes in the bin & customers get to try different dishes. It’s a clear win-win for all!

Ask in store for further information.