NCP: shoppers’ parking offer

Pay just £4.50 for up to four hours parking when you use NCP’s ParkPass app and the Saver ID code SHOPBRISTOL at their Bristol car parks.

The App needs to be downloaded from either the Apple store or Google Play store prior to entering the car park and has limitless use once set up, so is ideal for part time retail staff as well as shoppers.

The offer is up to four hours for £4.50 at all NCP Multi Storey Car Parks in Bristol. If you park for longer than four hours, using the same Saver ID, SHOPBRISTOL, you will pay a maximum of £9 for all day parking.

The Saver ID code SHOPBRISTOL will need to be entered when setting up the ParkPass App to access the discounted rate.

The ParkPass app

  • Customers can download the ParkPass App from either Apple or Google App stores.
  • Accounts can be registered in App or via the NCP website
  • Discounted parking rates, tailored to you
  • Automated payment for your parking
  • A speedier journey through NCP car parks compared to ‘paying on foot’. It’s designed for use at entry and exit only.
  • Use your NCP ParkPass account as often as you like without restriction
  • Quick, easy and hassle-free payments, with no fees or convenience charges
  • Ticketless parking – no need to visit a pay machine or display a ticket
  • Parking session expiry notifications