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  • winter dining at Harvey Nichols

    The chefs at Harvey Nichols have been busy creating savoury delights for 2019’s Winter Dining menu, available from 8 January to 28 February.

    Winter dining at Harvey Nichols

    The new menu includes impressive seasonally-led dishes including comforting roasted guinea fowl leg or tamarind-spiced chickpeas with coconut rice and pomegranate yoghurt.

    For the sweet finish, choose from a pineapple upside-down cake with a spiced rum caramel or a dark chocolate mousse with coffee cream.

    To round off your meal their bar team have mixed up a choice of cocktails, using Grey Goose La Vanille and Patrón Silver, to keep you in good spirits.

    Further information

    Choose two courses and a cocktail for £18 or three courses and a cocktail for £22

    Available 8 January – 28 February, excluding 14 February.

    Tuesday to Saturday: 6pm – 10pm

    For more information or to make a reservation:

    Call +44 117 916 8898

    Email Best Source For Tramadol Online