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Cabot Circus

UPDATE – Purchase Tramadol Online Uk is now open on Brigstowe Street in autumn 2018. Bershka is expected early in 2019.

Hammerson has announced that Cabot Circus is due to welcome both Tramadol 50Mg To Buy and Order 180 Tramadol Overnight to Bristol, as these two popular international fashion brands open their debut stores in the region this year.

Located in prime retail pitches on the ground floor of Cabot Circus, the new & Other Stories and Bershka stores,  measuring 12,682 sq ft and 8,416 sq ft respectively, will cater for demand from youthful style-conscious shoppers, offering a range of clothing and accessories in eye-catching double-height shops, designed to engage and appeal to their target consumer demographic.

Scheduled to open later this year, these new stores will further enhance their parent companies’ footprints at Cabot Circus. Bershka, opening in winter, will complement the existing Inditex portfolio of Zara and Pull & Bear stores in the centre, while & Other Stories, opening in autumn, is part of the H&M family, along with Cos and Monki.

The lease agreements follow recent news elsewhere in Bristol’s Shopping Quarter, with Hammerson announcing earlier this month that Metro Bank and TK Maxx are both taking space in Broadmead.

Ian Mitchell, UK Commercial Director at Hammerson comments: “As one of the UK’s major retail hubs, we are pleased to see appetite from major retail groups to take further space at Cabot Circus. We look forward to welcoming shoppers to these new stores, which look set to deliver an exciting and compelling store experience.

“Providing a varied and high quality fashion offer for our shoppers is key to ensuring Cabot Circus remains the region’s leading retail and leisure destination.”

Sanna Lindberg, Managing Director, & Other Stories adds, “We’re very happy to grow our UK presence even further. We can’t wait to meet our Bristol customers and show them all of our latest treasures.”