Park your car and help the homeless

park your car to help the homeless

Would you like to help Bristol’s homeless when you park your car to come shopping?

Homeless charity Emmaus Bristol offers five parking spaces on Backfields Lane, BS2 8QJ through Just Park.  Available at weekends only.

The spaces are just a few minutes walk from Cabot Circus, and everything the charity makes through parking fees goes to help people out of homelessness.

About Emmaus Bristol

Father Henri-Antoine Grouès founded the first Emmaus community in Paris in the late 1940s. He was an MP, Catholic priest and former member of the French Resistance, better known as Abbé Pierre. He fought to provide homes for those who lived on the streets of Paris.

Emmaus Bristol first opened a decade ago and they has since achieved its core aim of establishing a home and work for 23 previously homeless people. Support has come from a very diverse range of funding and grant making bodies as well as companies and private individuals.

The charity is a member of the Federation of Emmaus Communities, which are now spread across the world. The aim of Emmaus is to turn charity on its head. It not only offers homeless people the opportunity to help themselves, but to help others – it is the latter which allows the rediscovery of a sense of purpose in life.

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Other places to park your car

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