Personal styling with The Image Consulting Co


Have you ever dreamed of discovering the key to effortless style? Working with an expert Personal Stylist could help you unlock that door and identify your signature look.

We’ve been talking to Emmeline Stevens, founder of The Image Consulting Co, to find out more about the personal styling services offered by her team, so if you want to say goodbye to the days of stressful shopping and spending too much on the wrong things and say hello to a wardrobe full of clothes you’ll actually love, read on to find more!

personal styling

Personal styling with The Image Consulting Co

At The image Consulting Co, our mission has always been to make a difference in the fashion industry and the way people view themselves, empowering others and improving body confidence. With a team of unique image consultants our aim is to give the fashion industry a fresh, inspiring reputation. All of our Personal Stylists have one main objective: To help others be the best they can be.

We are hugely passionate about the work we do with a genuine belief that everyone is unique and can create their own style with a little nudge and with just a few tools we can make each person feel incredible.

personal styling

Our commitment to passionately work with each person as a unique individual has helped us develop our brand to what we can offer today – a wide range of friendly, professional style consultants. Choosing the right stylist can sometimes be an intimidating, tricky decision, so this is the perfect opportunity to understand Personal Stylists are the least intimidating people in the fashion industry and can help you in many ways…

What can a Personal Stylist do for you?

A stylist isn’t someone that just talks trends! Personal Stylists can help you better understand:

  • Yourself; where to start with your clothes from the inside – out
  •  Your Style Personality; to help you shop wisely and choose the right clothes
  •  Your Colours; the most flattering combinations
  •  Your Shape; what to wear and how to wear
  •  Your Wardrobe; decluttering, re-organising, re-inventing
  •  How to work with clothes that work with you
  •  Creating inspiring outfit combinations

Why use a Personal Stylist?

Long gone are the days that having a professional consult you on your wardrobe choices are just for the elite, Personal Stylists are easily accessible to the high street shopper and affordable to use. You will benefit greatly in many ways:

  •  Improve body confidence
  •  Help you identify your style
  •  Learn how to create perfect outfits every time
  •  Boost self-esteem
  •  Positive outlook on your wardrobe
  •  Provide solutions
  •  Inspiration

How does it work?

Each individual is unique so our stylists offer a flexible bespoke service that suits all individuals. Stylists ensure they have plenty of information so will ask the client many questions to create a service as unique as the individual – once created, the stylist may start with the wardrobe, colours or shopping and work at the clients pace to ensure she has full confidence and reaches her potential.

Who can use a Personal Stylist?

Anyone! The service is available for men & women of all ages. Some like to use a stylist for teens also to help increase body confidence.

What does it cost?

Our stylists start from £35 per hour making it one of the most affordable services of it’s kind on the high street.

Where to start…

Get in touch.
It doesn’t cost a penny to have a chat with someone and learn if we’re the right fit for you, if we’re not – that’s fine, we’ll guide you to find the right fit for your needs.

personal styling

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