Pizza1889 firing up in Broadmead


Pizza1889, an artisan pizza restaurant taking its name from the year the Margherita pizza was invented, is coming to Broadmead in Bristol Shopping Quarter, opening at 11 o’clock on Wednesday 3 July 2019.



Pizza1889’s new location will be the second in Bristol for the small chain which also operates stores in Cambridge and London. With a state-of-the-art six-foot stone oven as its showpiece, the small 40-foot store originated from a specially converted shipping container. Customers can eat in or grab and go.


Every one of Pizza1889’s stone baked pizzas are handmade entirely onsite and cooked by fully trained pizza chefs using only traditional techniques and fresh ingredients.

Pizza1889 sources many of its ingredients from Italy for authenticity, although it’s soft floury dough bases and rich tomato sauces are all handmade onsite. Cheeses include mozzarella di bufala and fior di latte. Spianata Calabra & Neapolitan sausage top the bill for meat lovers, and there is plenty of choice for vegetarians and vegans too.

As well as pizza, customers will also be able to pick up drinks, ice cream and the very popular Nutella calzone.

Pizza1889 founder Daniel Southwell says “Our aim is to provide the highest quality handmade pizza using traditional techniques. We want to deliver this in an exciting way, as you’ll see with the bespoke container and our products. Customers elsewhere tell us there’s nothing quite like Pizza1889, and we hope Broadmead’s shoppers will agree”.


Pizza1889 is lookig for further opportunities

The experienced family team behind Pizza1889 have built their business model to match a challenging retail environment. Easily assembled or moved within hours, Pizza1889 is an example of a trend for landlords to commercialise outdoor space.

Using only small pockets of space the idea is especially appealing at a time where larger retailers and restaurant chains are reducing in size. Having seen Pizza1889’s success elsewhere in the city and further afield, Broadmead’s landlord Hammerson have allowed Pizza1889 to clear an existing kiosk to make way for the new turnkey restaurant.

Pizza1889 continues to grow and is looking for further exiting opportunities like Broadmead in 2020.


“Pizza1889 is an artisan pizza restaurant following great Italian pizza making traditions. This requires craft, a love of fresh food and a whole lot of theatre. When you visit us, not only will we make your pizza by hand in front of your eyes, we’ll give you a slice of Italy to take away too.”