The Big Tidy in Broadmead

Got a rubbish question to ask? Join the Big Tidy team on Monday 30 May in Broadmead!

Since their launch in October 2019, the Big Tidy crew have deep cleaned over 900 streets across the city, removed almost 4,000 graffiti tags and cleared a staggering 488 tonnes of litter, fly-tip and detritus. And this is your opportunity to find out about their work!

They’ll be in Broadmead talking waste, recycling and how they’re bringing the sparkle back to all areas of Bristol. Their friendly officers can chat to you about the project and how to pledge to make your neighbourhood cleaner and greener. You can even test your recycling knowledge and have a go at sorting your rubbish.

Make a Big Tidy pledge in the meantime by visiting their website: