The Real Greek launches new vegan menu

The Real Greek

The Real Greek, whose Cabot Circus restaurant opened in 2017, has announced the launch of its first vegan menu.

“Vegan menu pays home to Greece’s rich heritage of vegan cooking”

The thirty-item vegan menu pays homage to Greece’s rich heritage of vegan cooking and the fresh ingredients found in Greek and Cypriot cuisine. It has been created in collaboration with celebrated Greek cook Tonia Buxton,

Launched on 21 March, the new menu uses vegan-friendly foods traditional to Greece – such as vine leaves, lentils and spices. The result is a menu packed with variety, colour and flavour, that will be enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike.

The dishes

Dishes on the menu include Jackfruit Stifado (Greek stew made with delicious slow-cooked jackfruit, hearty button mushrooms, shallots and aniseed), and a Vegan Moussaka (layered potato, seasoned courgette, aubergine and slow-cooked jack fruit mix, cooked with cinnamon for a deep delicious flavour).

The  new menu has been created in response to the growing demand from customers for a wider choice of flavourful vegan options and the recipe developments follow months of mouth-watering research. The Real Greek chefs toured Greece and the UK, speaking to customers about meat-free and dairy-free food, and sampling vegan dishes. The menu offers customers a genuine vegan experience, alongside the restaurant’s main menu.

The Real Greek also has a selection of cold vegan meze on the main menu, such as the tangy Beetroot and Lentil Salad, Spicy Walnut and Roasted Red Pepper Dip, and the restaurant’s staple home blended Houmous and Green Pea Fava topped with red onions and tomato.

Explore the menu HERE.

The Real Greek was the first restaurant to include calorie information for each of its dishes on the menu in 2010, The Real Greek’s new vegan menu will also list the exact calorie per dish for diners.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Christos Karatzenis, Operations Director of The Real Greek, said: “While The Real Greek has always been proud to have a variety of vegan-friendly options on its menu, creating a special dedicated menu was a natural step for us – veganism is ingrained in Grecian history and culture, with the first vegan diet created by philosopher Pythagoras in 550 BCE – it was more than a theory!”

“We’re excited to launch this menu that is a result of listening to our customers, and leaning on tradition, to craft what we believe is one of the most varied and flavoursome vegan menus you’ll find in the UK today.”

Further information

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