Tour of Broadmead 3

Southmead Hospital Charity

Following the success of the first two events in 2016 and 2017, the Tour of Broadmead static cycle challenge returned to Bristol Shopping Quarter for the third time from 28 July to 4 August when we once again raised money for eight different charities.

The Tour of Broadmead

Organised by the Broadmead Business Improvement District (BID), the annual eight-day charity fundraiser is inspired by the Tour of Britain, which we are delighted to see returning to Bristol on Tuesday 4 September. Our volunteer cyclists covered the full distance of that ‘Tour’, one stage each day, but they were on static bikes so didn’t ever leave Bristol Shopping Quarter.

The bikes were provided by PureGym Union Gate, who have been great supporters of the event from the get go, and their personal trainers provided some pedal power too. This year we also worked with The Galleries, who looked after the bikes each night as well as providing the event with an indoor location on two days when the weather was mixed – on dry days  the bikes and riders were outside M&S.

This year’s charities included four making their Tour of Broadmead debut – YMCA Bristol, British Heart Foundation, Teenage Cancer Trust, and Above & Beyond. There were also three returning for the second time – PROPS, Penny Brohn UK, and St Peter’s Hospice. And one went for the hat trick – Southmead Hospital Charity.

Tour of Broadmead
Ed and Troy from Heart FM and Ken from Santander, riding for Above & Beyond

The Tour of Britain

On the final day, we were joined by The Tour of Britain’s marketing team, who came along to support our event while at the same time telling shoppers about their own Stage Three, which will start and finish in Bristol on Tuesday 4 September.

Tour of Broadmead
Ken from Santander with Peter and Georgina from The Tour of Britain

The Tour of Broadmead 3 charities

Saturday 28 July – Southmead Hospital Charity
Sunday 29 July – PROPS
Monday 30 July – YMCA Bristol
Tuesday 31 July – Penny Brohn UK
Wednesday 1 August – British Heart Foundation
Thursday 2 August – Teenage Cancer Trust
Friday 3 August – St Peter’s Hospice
Saturday 4 August – Above & Beyond