Waterstones: ‘Fontanelle’ poetry launch with Helen Sheppard


On Friday 24 September, Waterstones in The Galleries will be hosting Helen Sheppard’s launch for her debut poetry collection. The event will begin at 7pm.


Fontanelle is Helen Sheppard’s debut collection about ‘soft spots’, birth, women and those whose voices are often unheard. Helen has long family connections to care: aunt a midwife from 1941, her mum worked at a Transplant hospital, and her Dad passed down a quirky nature. All these influence her reasons to become a nurse and midwife.

The collection showcases the range and breadth of Helen Sheppard’s developing talent- she views the experience of being a midwife through the eyes of her Aunt, working in the forties, but also her own career 1977-2000. This is not a nostalgic interpretation but brims with the pain and elation of reality.

The female body at the point of birth is full of wonder and strength. Helen’s skill as a poet is her ability to convey everyday incidents in often unexpected ways and to show us glimpses of the stoicism and bravery of ordinary women in difficult times.

Join the Waterstones team to meet Helen and hear her read some of her poems and sign copies. She will be accompanied by supporting poets Pauline Sewards, Lucy English, Callum Wensley, Sarer Scotthorne and singer-songwriter Wren.

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