Where to repair in Bristol Shopping Quarter

It’s great to buy new clothes and shoes, but often the things we throw away haven’t always reached the end of their useful life.

We spend £1,800 on average each year on clothes (recyclenow.com). There are lots of ways we can make the most of this money by checking our wardrobes and making a list before we go shopping, choosing clothing designed to last longer and buying second hand (check out shops like Beyond Retro in Broadmead and Sobeys Vintage Clothing in The Arcade as well as the British Heart Foundation, St Peter’s Hospice, and Tenovus charity shops)

Getting more out of our existing clothes

The reason some of our clothes remain unworn is because they no longer fit, need repairing, or they don’t suit our style or taste anymore. And sometimes we wear old favourites until they are literally falling apart, when a simple repair can give them a new lease of life.

To overcome this you can:

  • look for shops nearby that offer repair and alteration services (see our list below)
  • wear clothes in new combinations and use accessories to give clothing a new lease of life
  • use energy efficient laundry methods

Repair and alteration services in Bristol Shopping Quarter

It’s not just clothes and shoes you can repair, we’ve included places to get your computers and phones repaired too.

Cotswold Outdoor – Union Street
Needle & Thread – The Arcade
The Bridal Boutique – The Galleries
Urban Tailor – The Galleries

If you’d like to have a go at repairing clothes at home, Primark have some great downloadable guides available, with instructions for hand stitching and for attaching buttons and zips. Click HERE to find them.

Mabz – The Arcade
Timpsons – Merchant Street

Galleries Computing – The Galleries

Phone repairs
Apple (Genius Bar) – Cabot Circus
Coco Mobile – Merchant Street
Fone Choice – The Galleries
Fone Exchange – The Galleries
Fone Revive – Union Street
Fone Styles – Broadmead
Funky Fones – The Horsefair
iSmash – Broadmead
Phone Clinic – The Horsefair
Smart Phones – The Horsefair

Keeping clothes out of the bin

More than 30% of our clothing goes to landfill, with nearly half of us putting some clothing in the bin. All of our clothing can either be re-used or recycled – check out our Where to recycle in Bristol Shopping Quarter blog for some great tips.