All the gear and some idea: tips for working out at home with Next

When you’ve been sitting at your desk at home all day, it’s tough to find the energy to work out. Luckily, we’ve put together some tips for exercising at home, with a little help from retailer Next – one of our residents here, at Cabot Circus.

Next recently teamed up with Nike to create the ultimate series of educational home workout videos. Led by Nike trainer and influencer Naomi Heffernan, these videos are available on their dedicated home workouts hub.

They also feature reviews of the latest sportswear releases – available to order online – so there’s plenty of inspiration for updating your workout wardrobe! Read on for our tips on working out at home in style.

Tip 1 – invest in comfortable workout gear

If you’re planning on working out at home, it’s important to get kitted in appropriate clothing to make your workouts as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Many people underestimate the importance of a decent sports bra, for example. In one of her videos, Nike trainer Naomi emphasises the importance of finding one that keeps you secure and protected.

“A sports bra is probably the most important item if you’re working out. You want to make sure you are nice and secure, you are protected when you’re jumping around – you want to make sure you’re held in properly.”

To accompany a comfortable sports bra, you’ll also want to invest in appropriate trainers. Available to order from Next’s website and collect in-store are the brand new Nike Metcon 6 Trainers, a more breathable iteration of the previous Metcon 5. Ideal for any kind of workout, Naomi is a big fan of their stability and grip:

“They’re a really stable shoe to train in, so if you are doing things like squats or working with weights, they’re amazing because they’ve got such a solid base. They’re also really grippy on the sole [and] because they’re mesh-fronted as well, they’re going to keep you really nice and cool.

Tip 2 – schedule workouts in your diary and stick to them

Scheduling workouts can be challenging when juggling working from home and family commitments. If you see your workout pencilled into your wall calendar or even appear as a reminder in your work calendar, you are far more likely to stick to the plan and go through with it.

Luckily, both morning and evening workouts have their benefits – so it doesn’t matter if you’re an early bird or night owl.

A morning session gives you that “post-workout buzz” to get you energised for the day ahead, while an evening workout aligns with when our energy levels are at their peak. Naomi suggests it’s ultimately down to personal preference:

“If you decide to work out in the evening, you’re probably going to lift heavier and maybe run faster than you would in the morning purely because your body is so warmed up, you’ve been up for 12 hours already and you’re raring to go.”

Tip 3 –  make sure you have adequate space to work out in

It may seem obvious, but making sure you have adequate space to work out is also important. Before you start, think about how much space is required for the type of exercise you are doing. Allocating part of a room as a workout space allows you to have everything you need in one spot and, in turn, automatically associate that space with working out and working hard.

Don’t be afraid to go shopping and invest in décor and other room accompaniments to make your workout space feel cosy and comfortable too!

Naomi’s workouts in particular need minimal space, with no equipment required:

“All you need is a bit of space, it doesn’t really matter if you don’t have a mat as long as you have got enough room to be moving around in.”

Tip 4 – find a work out program that works for you

This year, more people than ever are favouring home workouts over heading to the gym. Many are adapting their exercise routines and sticking to equipment-free exercises. Our top tip is to find a balance with different types of routines.

For example, don’t just do cardio; change it up to keep things interesting. You’ll probably find exposure to a variety of different activities will feel more rewarding as you are training your whole body.

There are a wealth of free and paid programs online, including the Nike Next home workouts hub, a program that makes it easier than ever to keep fit without necessarily having to venture to the gym. It’s also a great excuse to update your workout wardrobe with stylish Next sportswear!

Although Next’s store in Cabot Circus is currently closed due to the national lockdown, you can order Nike sportswear from the Next website.